Planning Your Visit

There are so many things to see on your visit to the Veterans Memorial.  Be sure to plan to come when you have plenty of time to explore!


Veterans are typically at the memorial during summer months in the mornings before lunch.  If you are planning a visit be sure to visit when they may be there.  It adds another level to your visit when you are able to have a veteran show you around and explain the history behind the memorial.  Veterans may also assist you with finding a particular brick or answering any questions you may have.


There are 13 granite plaques imbedded in the Memorial Walkway to relate a brief history of each of our Nation’s conflicts.  Be sure to read each one as they tell a wonderful story.

The plaque below features Archer  T. Gammon, our areas only Medal of Honor winner.ATG #7


The center of the circular walkway features the flags of the United States of America, the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the flag that pays homage to our prisoners of war and those missing in action.


Benches and bricks 001

The black granite benches circling the perimeter of the Memorial Walkway allow visitors to pause, to reminisce, and to contemplate.  When the memorial was fist being built the benches were sold as a fundraiser for the memorial, though they are no longer being sold they are certainly a wonderful addition to the memorial.