Field of Interest Funds

Field of interest funds can address needs in an important area of community life - arts and culture, education, older adults, youth, humanitarian needs or a specific town, city or county.

W. Earl & Elise M. G. Allen Fund (‘98)

To benefit the people of Chatham and Pittsylvania County.

Ahmed Children‘s Fund (‘03)

To meet humanitarian needs.

Animal Welfare Fund (‘11)

To support animal welfare in Danville and Pittsylvania County.

Autism Education Fund (‘12)

To support autism education-related programs or organizations benefitting individuals, families, educators and the community.

Mary Cahill Historic Preservation Fund (’16)

To support Danville projects or programs including historic preservation.

Faye Carter Fund (‘04)

To benefit youth in the Danville area.

Domestic Violence Shelter Fund (‘11)

To support domestic violence victims in the Dan River Region.

The Fund For Halifax County (‘10)

To improve and enrich lives in Halifax County.

Jack W. Hall Memorial Fund (’17)

To benefit persons suffering from chronic kidney and renal diseases and disorders.

Wayles R. Harrison Memorial Fund (’14)

To assist needy Danville-Pittsylvania County cancer patients with financial assistance for prescriptions, medical supplies, and other expenses not covered by insurance.

Bobby Hawker Memorial Fund (‘06)

To enrich the lives of individuals and families affected by HIV and AIDS.

Hospice Support Services Fund (’12)

To provide assistance with expenses not covered by insurance to Danville-Pittsylvania residents who have elected hospice benefits.

Kang-A-Rhue Children‘s Cancer Fund (‘04)

To help children with chronic and life threatening diseases.

Keokee Fund (‘02)

To provide education for academically gifted students.

Gideon Miller Cancer Fund (‘11)

To assist cancer patients and their families.

Laurie S. Moran Rotary Service Fund (‘17)

To provide grants to 501c3 organizations that address one of Rotary’s six focus areas of service.

Morotock Arts & Cultural Fund (‘98)

To promote the arts and culture.

Mt. Hermon Baptist Church Youth Mission Fund (‘07)

To support Mt. Hermon Baptist Church youth members on mission trips.

Mary Neil Literacy Fund (’14)

To support adult and childhood literacy.

Wayne and Nancy Oakes Fund (’16)

To support charitable organizations in Danville or Pittsylvania County in the field of business and economic development.

RiverBank Fund (‘14)

To protect and revitalize the Dan River.

Claudia Vernon Smith Fund (‘03)

To support the education of youth in Caswell County.

South Boston Medical Fund (‘11)

To support indigent care and other charitable causes in Halifax County.

Stratford House Fund (‘18)

To support activities and programming for senior citizens in Danville, Pittsylvania and Caswell Counties.

Veterinary Emergency Treatment (V.E.T.) Fund (‘11)

To work with vets in the Dan River Region to make financial assistance available to give companion animals a chance to remain family members.