Halifax County

The Fund for Halifax County is a unique opportunity for citizens, organizations and businesses to help build an endowment to improve and enrich lives in Halifax County. The Community Foundation encourages donations of all sizes and types to help grow the fund.


2024 Fund for Halifax Recipients


Fund for Halifax County Grant Cycle

The Community Foundation of the Dan River Region accepts grant proposals for the Fund for Halifax County every fall. In order to apply for this grant cycle, your organization must serve the citizens of Halifax County and must have a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status in good standing.

The Fund for Halifax County grant cycle will open August 1, 2024.

All applications must be submitted online at https://cfdrrgrants.academicworks.com/.


Instructions for Academic Works:

Click the sign up button in the upper right hand corner to create your login. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to complete your account setup. Once your account is created you may begin your application

The application is a two-part process:

  • General Application (GA): Think about this like an organizational profile page/introduction; this is for broad material about your organization as a whole rather than the project/program you are requesting funds for.
  • Opportunity Specific Application (OSA): This is where specific information about your program or project is entered.
  • BOTH the GA and the OSA must be completed in order for your application to be submitted. [Note: You will not have access to the OSA in the system until you have completed the GA.}
    • You may edit your submitted application until the Halifax grant cycle closes.
  • Uploading Documents
    • File Formats: You must use an accepted file format for all uploads. Accepted formats include Microsoft documents such as Word and Excel and Adobe PDF. If you attempt to use something other than the accepted file format, the upload will not be successful. Apple/Mac formatted documents, such as Pages, Numbers, will not work. When in doubt, convert to an Adobe PDF.
    • File Naming: Do not use symbols in your file titles. Use only letters and numbers.
    • Process: Select “Add New File” and then “Browse.” A dialog box will open where you can search for and choose your desired upload. Click “Open” when you select the file you want. The name of the file should display to the right. Select the button on the bottom right to save and continue editing your application. This will refresh the page. Scroll to the last completed item and ensure the file you want is selected in the drop down menu.
    • Selection: Only one file can be submitted with the application per question. If you wish to have multiple documents for a question, you will have to merge them into one document prior to uploading them.
    • Miscellaneous: If there is a question requiring an upload you do not need to fill out (i.e. “Supplemental Documentation”), upload a document stating the question is not applicable.
  • Once completed, you can view your application by selecting the “Applications” tab on the top menu bar. There should be two applications, the GA and the OSA.


Below is a timeline of our Halifax County Grant Cycle. Exact dates vary from year to year.

Early August The grant application process opens
Late September Deadline for grant applications
October Members of the Halifax County Advisory Committee review applications before meeting mid-November
Mid December Community Foundation Board approves recommendations made by Halifax County Advisory Committee
Late December Notification letters are mailed to organizations
Mid January Checks are presented to the organizations awarded grants
Late June Interim grant report due
Late December Final grant report due

To receive more information on the Halifax County grant cycle, or if you would like to add your organization to The Foundation’s mailing list, please contact our office at (434)-793-0884.