When you place your gifts in our care, we know that you count on the Foundation to operate efficiently and invest wisely. To ensure that the goals of The Community Foundation continue to be met, the board of directors developed investment policies and guidelines that provide for prudent asset management. An investment committee, comprised of board members and volunteers knowledgeable in the investment field, oversees the investment activities of The Community Foundation. Our capacity to serve the community is directly tied to our ability to preserve and enhance our financial assets. The Foundation operates efficiently on less than one penny of every dollar, as a percentage of total assets. While each fund is accounted for separately, the Foundation’s assets are pooled for investment purposes, yielding significant economies of scale. Investment managers are charged with maintaining and increasing the inflation-adjusted value of the Foundation’s permanent funds with the goal of meeting charitable distribution and grantmaking needs in the Dan River Region.

Community Foundation Financials

(Note: Our complete 990 Tax Return is available for public viewing at this link or in our office. A Form 990-T is not required at this time, but will be made available to the public if one is filed.)