Legacy Society

The Legacy Society honors those who have made a lasting commitment to The Community Foundation of the Dan River Region. Individuals who designate a gift to The Community Foundation through a will, trust, retirement plan beneficiary or other planned gift are invited to join our Legacy Society. Membership is voluntary and free. Bequest gifts of all sizes are important and welcomed. Disclosure of gift amount or type is not required. Legacy members will be celebrated at an annual Legacy Society reception. Members will also be recognized in publications and receive invitations to other Foundation events. You can always remain anonymous in your philanthropy. However, Legacy Society participants are an inspiration to others to look toward the future and learn how they too can have an enduring impact on the causes they care about.

Legacy Society Sign Up Form

Inaugural Members of The Legacy Society include:

  • Anonymous
  • Lamar G. Barr
  • R. Craig and Judith H. Cardwell
  • Gil and Kathy Collins
  • P. Niles and Carol Daly
  • Inara Aster Dodson
  • Judie Adkerson Dodson
  • Charles and Carol Ellis
  • Mar and Tita Escario
  • Androniki Fallis
  • Harold and Nicole Garrison
  • Sarah Ann and Heath Light
  • Ralph and Ruth Hess, Jr.
  • Peter and Jo Ann Howard
  • Denise and David Hudson
  • D. Webster Marshall, Jr. and Elizabeth S. Marshall
  • H. Victor Millner, Jr.
  • Wayne and Nancy Oakes
  • Frances Skenderis
  • Jeff and Angie Smith
  • Beverly Talbott

Since its beginning in 1996, The Community Foundation has received bequests and gifts totaling $12.2 million from the estates of the following donors:

  • Earl Allen
  • James R. Anderson
  • P. Lanier Anderson, Jr.
  • Dorothy Braswell
  • Henrietta Clark
  • Mary Virginia Collie
  • Dr. Elizabeth Compton
  • Ethelyne F. Daniel
  • Mary Jo Davis
  • Roy L. Doss
  • Eugene M. Evans
  • Dolores Feldman
  • Douglas Hayes
  • Eliza Patterson Hines
  • Judy Houghton
  • Robert T. Marshall
  • Moses L. Merricks
  • Arnold and Elizabeth Porter
  • Herbert Sater
  • Eileen Stendig
  • Mary Carter Stone
  • Benjamin Sugg
  • John C. Swanson, Jr.
  • Harold D. Tinsley

Contact your financial or legal advisor to discuss how you can use one of the following gifts to establish a permanent legacy with The Community Foundation:

  • Will Bequests
  • Beneficiary of IRAs and Retirement Plans
  • Gifts of Life Insurance
  • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • Charitable Lead Trusts