Emergency Preparedness Fund

Building on the lessons and success of the Coronavirus Relief Fund, CFDRR recently established an Emergency Preparedness Fund with seed money of $50,000. The Coronavirus Relief Fund raised $253,755 in a period of 23 weeks, enabling the Foundation to award 14 grants to organizations in Danville, and Pittsylvania and Caswell Counties. Food security, utilities and rent, childcare, and small business sectors were prioritized.

The Coronavirus pandemic brought clearly into focus the importance of having an emergency fund in place to assist long-term with local disasters and emergencies. Recognizing the importance of investing in preparedness, the CFDRR Board of Directors established the Emergency Preparedness Fund. The Fund better positions The Community Foundation to support community organizations and public entities with frayed safety nets or the damage of multiple crises during disasters. 

In order to have sufficient cash on hand, the Board’s goal is to raise $300,000 for the Fund. CFDRR plans to continue to make annual contributions to the Fund, and asks individuals, foundations, donor-advised funds, and businesses to donate to the Emergency Preparedness Fund as well. All contributions are welcome and appreciated to help us attain or exceed the $300,000 goal. Gifts to The Community Foundation can be made online, my mail or phone. Gifts to this Fund through a will or another form of planned giving are encouraged. Designate Emergency Preparedness Fund with your donation.