25 Stories of Impact: Story #25

Southside Soccer Club, 2020 CFDRR Competitive Grant Recipient

According to SSC:  Under Phase III COVID-19 restrictions, Southside Soccer Club began fall play in early September 2020.  The main field, now without a crippling drainage problem thanks to CFDRR funding, hosted expanded play for U15 and U19 teams.  The new drainage system allowed faster overall field drying and turned week-long delays into a day or two following a heavy rain event.  In its first season, the field was heavily used by four U15 teams and five U19 teams.  Additionally, other teams found space for additional practices.  This was a huge boon to over 350 children, their siblings, and families that safely participated in fall games.  COVID-19 made the project critical to successful fall play by allowing more space for social distancing during practice and play.

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