Veterans Memorial Bricks – Made In America

1-4-2012 Register and Bee letter

We were pleased to see that the Veterans Memorial was mentioned in today’s letter to the editor in the Danville Register & Bee. Yes, the bricks are Made in America!!

Here is Dave Newman’s full answer to the question on whether the bricks were made in America!

Yes indeed, they were made in No. Carolina from N.C. clay. The mortar was made in So. Carolina and the sand is from Aberdeen,N.C. Thus the name : “Aberdeen sand.” The masons were local born and bred and there were only local “good ole boy’s in his crew. The water used to mix the mortar came right out of near-by Dan River with most of the mud knocked out of it. Our engraver is a Pittsylvania County native.

And Lawrence McFall added,

In addition to Davis’ list of American-made items, you can add that the bricks for the fence columns were manufactured by Virginia Brick Company in Salem, Virginia and the steel for the fence was made by AmerStar in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The workforce erecting the fence were all local men.